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Empowering Hardcore Poor with Livelihood Solutions

Bandhan Konnagar, a Kolkata based NGO organized a conclave on ‘Empowering Hardcore Poor with Livelihood Solutions’ in New Delhi on September 21, 2017. The objective of the conclave was to identify livelihood solutions as a transformative opportunity to reach maximum number of benificiaries and create an impact in the most cost and time effective manner. Mr. Alay Barah, CEO, ICCSPL, was one of the distinguished panelists for the event. The other panelists included eminent names like Mr. L.K Meena, Executive Director, RMK, Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India, Mr. Krishnan Dhamarajan, CEO, Centre for Digital Financial Inclusion and Mr. Pawan Bakshi, India Lead, Financial Services for the Poor, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Barah highlighted the challenges that the poor have been facing in terms of livelihood opportunities and shared that organizations like Bandhan Konnagar and ICCSPL believed in the idea of sustainable livelihoods and dignity & justice for all, especially the hardcore poor class. He acknowledged Bandhan’s initiative to bring the key stakeholders on a common platform to solidify the process of development in a just and equitable way.